SUPRANE (desflurane) , a nonflammable liquid administered via vaporizer, is a general inhalation anesthetic. It is ()1,2,2,2-tetrafluoroethyl difluoromethyl ether:

Some physical constants are:

  (desflurane) Structural Formula Illustration

Some physical constants are:

Molecular weight 168.04
Specific gravity (at 20C/4C) 1.465
Vapor pressure in mm Hg 669 mm Hg @ 20C
731 mm Hg @ 22C
757 mm Hg @
22.8C (boiling point;1atm)
764 mm Hg @ 23C
798 mm Hg @ 24C
869 mm Hg @ 26C

Partition coefficients at 37C:

Blood/Gas 0.424
Olive Oil/Gas 18.7
Brain/Gas 0.54

Mean Component/Gas Partition Coefficients:

Polypropylene (Y piece) 6.7
Polyethylene (circuit tube) 16.2
Latex rubber (bag) 19.3
Latex rubber (bellows) 10.4
Polyvinylchloride 34.7
(endotracheal tube)

SUPRANE (desflurane) is nonflammable as defined by the requirements of International Electrotechnical Commission 601-2-13.

SUPRANE (desflurane) is a colorless, volatile liquid below 22.8C. Data indicate that SUPRANE (desflurane) is stable when stored under normal room lighting conditions according to instructions.

SUPRANE (desflurane) is chemically stable. The only known degradation reaction is through prolonged direct contact with soda lime producing low levels of fluoroform (CHF3). The amount of CHF3 obtained is similar to that produced with MAC-equivalent doses of isoflurane. No discernible degradation occurs in the presence of strong acids.

SUPRANE (desflurane) does not corrode stainless steel, brass, aluminum, anodized aluminum, nickel plated brass, copper, or beryllium.

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