MultiHance (gadobenate dimeglumine injection) injection is supplied as a sterile, nonpyrogenic, clear, colorless aqueous solution intended for intravenous use only. Each mL of MultiHance contains 529 mg gadobenate dimeglumine and water for injection. MultiHance contains no preservatives.

Gadobenate dimeglumine is chemically designated as (4RS)-[4-carboxy-5,8,11-tris(carboxymethyl)- 1-phenyl-2oxa-5,8,11-triazatridecan-13-oato(5-)] gadolinate(2-) dihydrogen compound with 1-deoxy-1-(methylamino)-Dglucitol (1:2) with a molecular weight of 1058.2 and an empirical formula of C22H28GdN3O11 • 2C7H17NO5. The structural formula is as follows:

MultiHance (gadobenate dimeglumine) Structural Formula Illustration

MultiHance (gadobenate dimeglumine injection) has a pH of 6.5-7.5. Pertinent physicochemical parameters are provided below:

Osmolality 1.970 osmol/kg @ 37°C
Viscosity 5.3 mPas @ 37°C
Density 1.220 g/mL @ 20°C

MultiHance (gadobenate dimeglumine injection) has an osmolality 6.9 times that of plasma (285 mOsmol/kg water) and is hypertonic under conditions of use.

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