Liposyn III 30


Liposyn III 30% (Intravenous Fat Emulsion) is a sterile, nonpyrogenic fat emulsion for intravenous administration. The Pharmacy Bulk Package is a sterile dosage form which contains multiple single doses for use only in a pharmacy bulk admixture program.

Liposyn III 30 (liposyn iii 30 intravenous far emulsion) % contains 30% soybean oil, 1.8% egg phosphatides and 2.5% glycerin in water for injection. Sodium hydroxide has been added for pH adjustment. pH 8.4 (6.0 to 9.0). Liposyn III 30 (liposyn iii 30 intravenous far emulsion) % has an osmolarity of 293 mOsmol/L (actual) and a specific gravity of 0.985. The total caloric value of Liposyn III 30 (liposyn iii 30 intravenous far emulsion) % including fat, phospholipid and glycerol is 2.9 kcal/mL. Of this total, approximately 1.5 kcal/mL is supplied by linoleic acid.

Liposyn III 30 (liposyn iii 30 intravenous far emulsion) % contains emulsified fat particles of approximately 0.4 micron in diameter, similar to naturally occurring chylomicrons.

This Pharmacy Bulk Package is intended for use in the preparation of 3-in-1 or total nutrient admixtures (TNAs) in a pharmacy admixture program.

Soybean Oil, USP is a mixture of neutral triglycerides with the following structure:

Soybean Oil Structural Formula Illustration

are saturated and unsaturated fatty acid residues. The major component fatty acids are approximately 54.5% linoleic, 22.4% oleic, 10.5% palmitic, 4.2% stearic, and 8.3% linolenic acid. These fatty acids have the following chemical and structural formulas:

Egg phosphatides, purified, are primarily a mixture of naturally occurring phospholipids which are isolated from the egg yolk. These phospholipids have the following general structure:

are the same saturated and unsaturated fatty acid residues that abound in neutral fats. R3 is primarily either the choline [HOCH2CH2N(CH3)3OH] ester or ethanolamine (HOCH2CH2NH2) ester of phosphoric acid (H3PO4).

Glycerin, USP is chemically designated C3H8O3 and is a clear, colorless, hygroscopic syrupy liquid. It has the following structural formula:

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