Mumps Skin Test Antigen


MSTAŽ, Mumps Skin Test Antigen, is a sterile suspension of killed mumps virus for intradermal use. It is prepared from the extraembryonic fluid of the virus-infected chicken embryo and is concentrated and purified by differential centrifugation. The virus is killed with formaldehyde solution, 1:1000, and is then diluted with isotonic sodium chloride solution. The resultant product contains approximately 0.012 molar glycine and less than 1:8,000 formaldehyde solution. Thimerosal (mercury derivative) 1:10,000 is added as a preservative. The skin test antigen is formulated to contain at least 40 complement fixing units (CFU) per mL, at the time of release, as determined by the Complement-Fixation Test. This product, after shaking, is slightly opalescent in color.

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