Novolin R


Novolin® R (recombinant dna origin) Regular, Human Insulin Injection (rDNA origin) USP is a polypeptide hormone structurally identical to natural human insulin and is produced by rDNA technology utilizing Saccharomyces cerevisiae (bakers' yeast) as the production organism. Human insulin has the empirical formula C257H383N65O77S6 and a molecular weight of 5808 Da.

Figure 1. Structural formula of human insulin

Structural formula of human insulin - Illustration

Novolin R (recombinant dna origin) is a sterile, clear, aqueous, and colorless solution, that contains human insulin (rDNA origin) 100 units/mL, glycerin 16 mg/ml, metacresol 3 mg/mL and zinc chloride approximately 7 µg/mL. The pH is adjusted to 7.4. Hydrochloric acid 2N and/or sodium hydroxide 2N may be added to adjust pH

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