Phentolamine Mesylate for Injection


Phentolamine Mesylate (phentolamine mesylate) for Injection USP, is an antihypertensive, available in vials for intravenous and intramuscular administration. Each vial contains phentolamine mesylate (phentolamine mesylate) USP, 5 mg and mannitol USP, 25 mg in sterile, lyophilized form.

Phentolamine mesylate is m-[N-(2-Imidazolin-2-ylmethyl)-p-toluidino]phenol monomethanesulfonate (salt), and its structural formula is:

Phentolamine Mesylate Structural Formula Illustration

Molecular Formula - C17H19N3OCH4O3S.............................M.W. - 377.47

Phentolamine mesylate (phentolamine mesylate) USP is a white or off-white, odorless crystalline powder. Its solutions are acid to litmus. It is freely soluble in water and in alcohol, and slightly soluble in chloroform. It melts at about 178C.

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