Pandel (hydrocortisone probutate cream) Cream contains hydrocortisone probutate, a synthetic adrenocorticosteroid, for dermatologic use. The topical corticosteroids constitute a class of primarily synthetic steroids used as anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic agents.

Potassium Chloride in Lactated Ringer's and 5% Dextrose Injection, USP is a sterile, nonpyrogenic solution for fluid and electrolyte replenishment and caloric supply in a single dose container for intravenous administration. It contains no antimicrobial agents. Composition, osmolarity, pH, ionic concentration and caloric content are shown below:

Potassium Acetate Injection, USP is a sterile, non-pyrogenic, concentrated solution of Potassium Acetate in Water for Injection. The solution is administered after dilution by the intravenous route as an electrolyte replenisher. It must not be administered undiluted.

Penicillin V is the phenoxymethyl analog of penicillin G.

PAVULON« (pancuronium bromide) injection is a nondepolarizing neuromuscular blocking agent chemically designated as the aminosteroid 2 ?, 16 ? - dipiperidino-5?-androstane3?, 17-? diol diacetate dimethobromide.

Provocholine« (methacholine chloride powder for inhalation) is a parasympathomimetic (cholinergic) bronchoconstrictor agent to be administered in solutiOn only, by inhalation, for diagnostic purposes. Each 20 mL vial contains 100 mg of methacholine chloride powder which is to be reconstituted with 0.9% sodium chloride injection or 0.9% sodium chloride injection containing 0.4% phenol (pH 7.0). See DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION for dilution procedures, concentrations and schedule of administration.

SYMLIN« (pramlintide acetate) Injection is an antihyperglycemic drug for use in patients with diabetes treated with insulin. Pramlintide is a synthetic analog of human amylin, a naturally occurring neuroendocrine hormone synthesized by pancreatic beta cells that contributes to glucose control during the postprandial period. Pramlintide is provided as an acetate salt of the synthetic 37-amino acid polypeptide, which differs in amino acid sequence from human amylin by replacement with proline at positions 25 (alanine), 28 (serine), and 29 (serine).

RYTHMOL SR (propafenone hydrochloride) is an antiarrhythmic drug supplied in extended-release capsules of 225, 325 and 425 mg for oral administration.

PROPLEX T, Factor IX Complex, Heat Treated is a sterile product prepared from pooled normal human plasma. It contains, in concentrated form, clotting Factors II (prothrombin), VII, IX, and X. Other proteins are also present in minimal amounts. The product also contains a small amount of heparin, 1.5 units or less per mL of reconstituted material, as a stabilizing agent. This amount does not affect the clinical usefulness of the complex in moderate dosage.

DIANEAL PD-2 peritoneal dialysis solutions in AMBU-FLEX containers are sterile, nonpyrogenic solutions for intraperitoneal administration only. They contain no bacteriostatic or antimicrobial agents or added buffers.