Triple Vita Drops with Fluoride


Each 1.0 mL supplies: Percentage of U. S. Recommended Daily Allowance
Infants Children Under Age 4 Years
Vitamin A, 1500 IU 100 60
Vitamin D, 400 IU 100 100
Vitamin C, 35 mg 100 88
Fluoride, 0.25 mg * *

* U. S. Recommended Daily Allowance has not been established.

Active ingredient for caries prophylaxis: Each 1 mL contains 0.25 mg fluoride as sodium fluoride.

Inactive Ingredients: Caramel Color, NF; Edetate Disodium, USP; Fruit (Natural & Artificial) Flavor; Glycerin, USP; Methylparaben, NF; Polysorbate 80, NF; Propylene Glycol, USP; Propylparaben, NF; Purified Water, USP; Sodium Benzoate, NF and Sodium Hydroxide, NE. May also contain Hydrochloric Acid, NF.

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