Each capsule of TYLOX (oxycodone and acetaminophen capsules USP) contains:

AGGRASTAT (tirofiban hydrochloride), a non-peptide antagonist of the platelet glycoprotein (GP) IIb/IIIa receptor, inhibits platelet aggregation.

TAMBOCOR™ (flecainide acetate) is an antiarrhythmic drug available in tablets of 50, 100, or 150 mg for oral administration. Flecainide acetate is benzamide, N-(2-piperidinylmethyl)-2,5-bis (2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy)-monoacetate. The structural formula is given below.

Tetanus Toxoid Adsorbed USP, for intramuscular use, is a sterile suspension of alum-precipitated (aluminum potassium sulfate) toxoid in an isotonic sodium chloride solution containing sodium phosphate buffer to control pH. The vaccine, after shaking, is a turbid liquid, whitish-gray in color.

The BEXXAR therapeutic regimen (Tositumomab and Iodine I 131 Tositumomab) is an anti-neoplastic radioimmunotherapeutic monoclonal antibody-based regimen composed of the monoclonal antibody, Tositumomab, and the radiolabeled monoclonal antibody, Iodine I 131 Tositumomab.

TNKase® (Tenecteplase) is a tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) produced by recombinant DNA technology using an established mammalian cell line (Chinese Hamster Ovary cells). Tenecteplase is a 527 amino acid glycoprotein developed by introducing the following modifications to the complementary DNA (cDNA) for natural human tPA: a substitution of threonine 103 with asparagine, and a substitution of asparagine 117 with glutamine, both within the kringle 1 domain,and a tetra-alanine substitution at amino acids 296–299 in the protease domain. Cell culture is carried out in nutrient medium containing the antibiotic gentamicin (65 mg/L). However, the presence of the antibiotic is not detectable in the final product (limit of detection is 0.67 (µg/vial). TNKase (tenecteplase) is a sterile, white to off-white, lyophilized powder for single intravenous (IV) bolus administration after reconstitution with Sterile Water for Injection (SWFI), USP. Each vial of TNKase nominally contains 52.5 mg Tenecteplase, 0.55 g L-arginine, 0.17 g phosphoric acid, and 4.3 mg polysorbate 20, which includes a 5% overfill. Each vial will deliver 50 mg of Tenecteplase.

Tasigna (nilotinib) belongs to a pharmacologic class of drugs known as kinase inhibitors.

Targretin® (bexarotene) gel 1% contains bexarotene and is intended for topical application only. Bexarotene is a member of a subclass of retinoids that selectively activate retinoid X receptors (RXRs). These retinoid receptors have biologic activity distinct from that of retinoic acid receptors (RARs).

NeoTect® (Kit for the Preparation of Technetium Tc 99m Depreotide Injection) is intended for use in the preparation of Technetium Tc 99m Depreotide, a diagnostic radiopharmaceutical to be used by intravenous injection. Each vial contains a sterile, non-pyrogenic lyophilized mixture of 47 µg of Depreotide, 75 mg of sodium glucoheptonate dihydrate, 50 µg of stannous chloride dihydrate (with a minimum stannous tin content of 20 µg), 100 µg edetate disodium dihydrate, 10 mg of sodium iodide, and sufficient sodium hydroxide or hydrochloric acid for adjustment to pH 7.4 prior to lyophilization. The lyophilized powder is sealed under a nitrogen atmosphere with a rubber closure. The product contains no antimicrobial preservative.

Xenazine® (tetrabenazine) is a monoamine depletor for oral administration. The molecular weight of tetrabenazine is 317.43, the pKa is 6.51. Tetrabenazine is a hexahydro-dimethoxybenzoquinolizine derivative and has the following chemical name: cis rac –1,3,4,6,7,11bhexahydro-9,10-dimethoxy-3-(2-methylpropyl)-2H-benzo[a]quinolizin-2-one.