Leuprolide acetate is a synthetic nonapeptide analog of naturally occurring gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). The analog possesses greater potency than the natural hormone. The chemical name is 5-oxo-L-prolyl-L-histidyl-L-tryptophyl-L-seryl-L-tyrosyl-D-leucyl-L-leucylL-arginyl-N-ethyl-L-prolinamide acetate (salt) with the following structural formula:

Micro-K LS is an oral dosage form of microencapsulated potassium chloride. Each packet contains 1.5 g of potassium chloride, USP, equivalent to 20 mEqand of Potassium Chloride Extended Release Formulation for Liquid Suspension

of potassium. Micro-K LS is comprised of specially formulated granules. After reconstitution with 2-6 fluid ounces of water and 1 minute of stirring, the suspension is odorless and tasteless.