NovoLog (insulin aspart rdna origin inj) (insulin aspart [rDNA origin] injection) is a rapid-acting human insulin analog used to lower blood glucose. NovoLog (insulin aspart rdna origin inj) is homologous with regular human insulin with the exception of a single substitution of the amino acid proline by aspartic acid in position B28, and is produced by recombinant DNA technology utilizing Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker's yeast). Insulin aspart has the empirical formula C256H381N65O79S6 and a molecular weight of 5825.8.

Sterile INDOCIN® I.V. (indomethacin for injection) for intravenous administration is lyophilized indomethacin for injection. Each vial contains indomethacin for injection equivalent to 1 mg indomethacin as a white to yellow lyophilized powder or plug. Variations in the size of the lyophilized plug and the intensity of color have no relationship to the quality or amount of indomethacin present in the vial.

VIVITROL® (naltrexone for extended-release injectable suspension) is supplied as a microsphere formulation of naltrexone for suspension, to be administered by intramuscular injection. Naltrexone is an opioid antagonist with little, if any, opioid agonist activity.

Zometa contains zoledronic acid, a bisphosphonic acid which is an inhibitor of osteoelastic bone resorption. Zoledronic acid is designated chemically as (l-Hydroxy-2-imidazol-l-yl-phosphonoethyl) phosphonic acid monohydrate and its structural formula is

VISUDYNE® (verteporfin for injection) is a light activated drug used in photodynamic therapy. The finished drug product is a lyophilized dark green cake. Verteporfin is a 1:1 mixture of two regioisomers (I and II), represented by the following structures:

Pentetate calcium trisodium injection contains the sodium salt of calcium diethylenetriaminepenta-acetate. Pentetate calcium trisodium is also known as trisodium calcium diethylenetriaminepenta-acetate and is commonly referred to as Ca-DTPA (pentetate calcium trisodium inj) . It has a molecular formula of Na3CaC14H18N3O10 and a molecular weight of 497.4 Daltons. It is represented by the following structural formula:

MINOCIN, minocycline for injection, a sterile formulation of a semisynthetic derivative of tetracycline, is 4,7-Bis(dimethylamino)-l,4,4a,5,5a,6,ll,12a-octahydro-3,10,12,12a-tetrahydroxy-1,11 -dioxo-2-naphthacenecarboxamide monohydrochloride.

Nutropin Depot® [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injectable suspension] is a long-acting dosage form of recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH). Somatropin has 191 amino acid residues and a molecular weight of 22,125 daltons. The amino acid sequence of the product is identical to that of pituitary-derived human growth hormone. The protein is synthesized by a specific laboratory strain of E. coli as a precursor consisting of the rhGH molecule preceded by the secretion signal from an E. coli protein. This precursor is directed to the plasma membrane of the cell. The signal sequence is removed and the native protein is secreted into the periplasm so that the protein is folded appropriately as it is synthesized.

PLASMA-LYTE 148 and 5% Dextrose Injection (Multiple Electrolytes and Dextrose Injection, Type 1, USP) is a sterile, nonpyrogenic solution for fluid and electrolyte replenishment and caloric supply in a single dose container for intravenous administration. Each 100 mL contains 5 g Dextrose Hydrous, USP*, 526 mg Sodium Chloride, USP (NaCl); 502 mg Sodium Gluconate (C6H11NaO7); 368 mg Sodium Acetate Trihydrate, USP (C2H3NaO2•3H2O), 37 mg Potassium Chloride, USP (KCl); and 30 mg Magnesium Chloride, USP (MgCl2•6H2O). It contains no antimicrobial agents. The pH is 5.0 (4.0 to 6.5). The pH is adjusted with hydrochloric acid.

Neutrexin is the brand name for trimetrexate glucuronate. Trimetrexate, a 2,4-diaminoquinazoline, non-classical folate antagonist, is a synthetic inhibitor of the enzyme dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR). Neutrexin (trimetrexate glucuronate inj) is available as a sterile lyophilized powder, containing trimetrexate glucuronate equivalent to either 200mg or 25mg of trimetrexate without any preservatives or excipients. The powder is reconstituted prior to intravenous infusion (see DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION, Reconstitution And Dilution).